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“I want this show to stir the global conscience. I have witnessed so much that it’s time to start making real sense of it all”

As you may have spotted already, the collaboration between Amanpour and Debategraph launched on CNN last night, with Christiane’s new live global program featuring interviews with the Secretary General of Nato and the Prime Minister of Spain.

If you missed lat night’s episode, it’s available via Podcast here.

Debategraph’s working with Amanpour’s production team and viewers to create debate maps around the interviews and global issues addressed in the programs – and to provide a forum for non-linear, interactive and cumulative debate to complement the program’s thought-provoking analysis and interviews with the global leaders confronting those issues.

Christiane’s aims for the program “to offer multiple perspectives… and serve as the hub for a global community of inquiring minds, hungry for a more daring perspective and a strong, clear, thoughtful take on international stories” emphasize the resonance between our mutual approaches and the reason why Peter and I are delighted to be collaborating with Amanpour’s New York based production team.

The program airs on Monday to Thursday at 2100 CET, with a round-up of the best of the week on Fridays on CNN International and Sundays on CNN in the United States – and tonight’s show features interviews with Tony Blair, Terje Roed-Larsen (UN Middle East Envoy), Dan Meridor (Israeli Intelligence Minister), and Saeb Erakat (Chief Palestinian Negotiator).

In conjunction with the launch of program, Peter and I have released a new interface for Debategraph (which will also feature  in the forthcoming WAVE climate change project for the European Commission). More on both later — but for now here’s a quick video introduction to the new Debategraph Stream interface:

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3 Responses to “CNN, Amanpour and Debategraph”

  1. Raiko on October 10th, 2009 10:44 am

    I tried to add a node to the Afghanistan debate that was missing. The right one. But alas, updating freezed. And the editor jumped to step 3 before I could enter something under step 2. No pasting was possible.
    The whole thing is cumbersome in use. The right thing to do is often obvious and simple. Compared to that, the debategraph is a journey for travel babes.

  2. David on October 10th, 2009 1:50 pm

    Hi, Raiko: Many thanks for your feedback here and for suggesting the new position in your comment on the map. I have started to add the new position and the supportive argument that you suggest here:

    If you would like to expand on your reasoning, either here or via the comments on the map, I would delighted to enter the arguments on your behalf.

    We are mid-stream in a significant round of changes to Debategraph and during this phase the site may not be fully optimised across all browsers types and versions. From the behaviour you are describing, it looks like you may have been using a version of Opera for which the site is temporarily not optimised. I apologize for any inconvenience while this is the case, and Peter and I will aim to address this as soon as practical.

    In the meantime, if you would like me to guide you through any aspect of the process please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at david [at] debategraph [dot] org

    All the best — and thanks again,


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